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Papers in alphabetical Order

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Barkemeyer, R.
Beyond Compliance - Below Expectations? Cross-Border CSR, Development and the UN Global Compact [3,856 KB]
St Andrews University, UK

Barter, N.
Companies that Swim Against the Tide? [268 KB]
University of St. Andrews, UK

Bhattacharyya, S.S. & A. Sahay
Development of a CSR-Strategy-Framework [1,135 KB]
Management Development Institute, India

Blankenship, H., V. Kulhavý, J. Lagneryd
Introducing Strategic Sustainable Development in a business incubator [1,176 KB]
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Blowfield, M., W. Visser & F. Livesey
Innovation for Sustainability: Mapping the Territory [683 KB]
University of Cambridge, UK




Daley, B., J. Maughan & P. Hooper
Vantage phase 1 – the use of KPI’S at Belfast city airport [439 KB]
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Dick-Forde, D. & S. Roberts
At the Vanguard of CR in the Caribbean? A Case Study of Corporate Responsibility at the Almond Beach Resorts [289 KB]
The University of the West Indies, West Indies

Douglas, C.H., W.K. Lau, A. Rhumah, & A. Clark
Sustainable environmental management and corporate social responsibility in the construction and property industries [275 KB]
University of Salford, UK




Fairbrass, J. & E. Beddewela
Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsiveness: A UK business response to national and international challenges [611 KB]
University of Bradford, UK

Figge, F.
The Sustainable Value Approach
Queens University, Belfast, UK



Gibbs, D.
The Role of Ecopreneurs in Developing a Sustainable Economy [280 KB]
University of Hull, UK

Girardi, G.
When socially responsible and opportunistic agents interact: credit and training provision to the poor by vertically linked NGOs and commercial banks [511 KB]
London Metropolitan University, UK

Gouldson, A.
Title TBC
University of Leeds, UK

Günther, E., H. Hoppe, G. Weber
Sustainable development and its integration in business decisions: The case of the procurement of operating-room textiles in German public hospitals [402 KB]
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany



Haberberg, A., J. Gander, A. Rieple, J. Martin, C. Helm & F. Mulleady
Patterns in the adoption of corporate social responsibility practices [691 KB]
University of Westminster, UK

Hilliard, R.1 & F. Stafford2
Under the Influence: Stakeholders, Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Drinks Industry [278 KB]
1NUI Galway, 2Accenture, Ireland

Ho, J.K.S.
Convergence between shareholder and stakeholder values [455 KB]
University of Dundee, UK

Hofferberth, M.
Norms and multinational corporations – Ideational motivation for CSR initiatives? [666 KB]
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany

Hoppe, H.
The business value of the environmental performance of firms. More than 30 years of research – So what? [271 KB]
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany



Jallow, K.
CSR and poverty alleviation: Nestle’s ‘Commitment to Africa’ report [520 KB]
De Montfort University, UK

Jamali, D. & M. Rabbath
Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility synergies and inter-relationships [620 KB]
American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Jeswani, H.K. W. Wehrmeyer & Y. Mulugetta
Key factors shaping corporate climate change strategies: A study in Pakistan and the UK [600 KB]
University of Surrey, UK

Jorna, R. & L. Maruster
Entrepreneurship and the Sustainability of Knowledge [284 KB]
University of Groningen, The Netherlands


Lorand, J.
Business-as-Usual and Sustainability: Which Paradigm Aligns with our Beliefs? [264 KB]
Dominican University of California, USA



Matolay, R.
Entrepreneurship Towards Sustainability? – Comparing Social Entrepreneurship with Socially Responsible SMEs in Hungary [284 KB]
Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

Mikkilä, M.1 & A. Toppinen2
Institutional pressure towards corporate responsibility: a comparison of sustainability reporting in the world’s largest pulp and paper companies [553 KB]
1University of Joensuu, 2European Forest Institute, Finland


O’Neill, D.
Making Sustainable Entrepreneurship Culturally Compatible [266 KB]
Arizona State University, USA



Parrish, B.
Sustainability Entrepreneurship: Innovations in the Logics of Organizing [263 KB]
University of Leeds, UK

Pinkse, J. & A. Kolk
Multinational corporations and emissions trading: strategic responses to new institutional constraints [267 KB]
University of Amsterdam Business School, The Netherlands



Sabbaghian, Z.1, M.A. Daryani2, M. Azizi1
Development of sustainable entrepreneurship programmes in education systems [549 KB]
1Shahid Beheshti University, 2Tehran University, Iran

Sarasini, S. & M. Jacob
Climate, Companies and Context; the Prospects for Policy to Inspire Sustainable Business Strategies [267 KB]
Lund University, Sweden

Schlange, L.E.
Stakeholder Perception in Sustainable Entrepreneurship: The Role of Managerial and Organizational Cognition [266 KB]
University of Applied Sciences, Chur, Switzerland

Singleton, D.
Sustainable entrepreneurship: putting 'the precautionary principle' into practice [741 KB]
Arup, UK

Stokes, D., A. Revell, & H. Chen
SMEs and the Environment: turning over a new leaf? [489 KB]
Kingston University, UK

Sullivan, R.
Title TBC
Insight Investment, UK

Sun, W.1, C. Smallman2 & S. Letza3
The Process of Governance for Sustainability [671 KB]
1Leeds Metropolitian University (UK), 2Lincoln University (NZ), 3Liverpool John Moores University (UK)



Tanimoto, K.
The Emergence of Social Entrepreneurship and its Strategy in Japan [735 KB]
Hitotsubashi University, Japan

Thauer, C.
A Trigger for Change? Explaining the Behaviour of Companies in CSR-PPPs [455 KB]
European University Institute, Italy

Tilley, F.
Conceptualising Sustainability Entrepreneurship [259 KB]
University of Leeds, UK


Van Alstine, J.
Governance from below: contesting corporate environmentalism in Durban, South Africa [2,521 KB]
London School of Economics, UK

Venselaar, J. & J.J. Hageman
Focussing Innovation Strategy for Sustainability with the Chemical Industry as an example [961 KB]
Avans University, The Netherlands



Wolk, R.
Alaskan Eco-entrepreneurs: The Role of Knowledge, Technology, and International Networks [283 KB]
University of Alaska Southeast, USA


Zorzi, E.
The company social responsibility in the neo-republicanism approaching [489 KB]
University of Versailles, France