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CRR Conference 2014

Trip to Archipelago

Time: Tuesday, 8 September, 3pm - 7 pm (+ dinner 7 pm - 10 pm)

We are delighted to take you to a guided tour in Kvarken (Merenkurkku), which is one of UNESCO's World Natural Heritage Sites (, in the Archipelago. Kvarken is Finland's only World Natural Heritage Site; the other six sites in Finland are World Cultural Heritage Sites. The bedrock in the Kvarken region formed during the Proterozoic era about 2 to 1.3 billion years ago. On the beach rocks of Kvarken, traces of the last Ice Age can be detected.

This trip will be guided by Virpi Viertola, Head of Communications, University of Vaasa, who is Certified World Heritage Guide and Certified Nature Guide. She will be helped by another nature guide.

We shall ride on buses over Replot (Raippaluoto) bridge, which is Finland's longest bridge, to Sommarö (Summer island). During the bus ride the guide will tell us about Kvarken. You can leave all your belongings in the bus.

In Sommarö we shall have open fire coffee and tea. Then we'll walk along small paths through the forest and by a pond to the sea in two groups led by the guides. This nature path is 2.5 km long. Remember to wear sensible shoes! During 1940-2000 Sommarö was used by the armed forces, which explains the good path network in the area. By the sea you can go swimming, if you like. We cannot guarantee sights of white tail eagles as they are more active in the spring, but we may be lucky. Those who prefer creature comforts may stay by the fire; nearby is also a building with toilets and running water.

On the way back we will have a hearty dinner at Berny's Restaurant by Replot bridge. Next to the restaurant there is a coffee shop with post cards, stamps, letter-box and Internet corner, open until 10 pm.