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Special issue IJISD

7–9 September 2009

Authors of CRR 2009 conference papers can submit their paper also for the Special Issue "Corporate Responsibility Innovations for Sustainability" of the International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development with a double-blind review process.

Guest Editors: Dr. Tarja Ketola and Pasi Heikkurinen.

Please submit your revised paper by 15 October 2009 to

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Full length of paper: between 5000 and 7000 words (excluding figures).
  • Manuscript style: 12-point type in Times New Roman; MS Word format.
  • Title: as short as possible.
  • Write a brief autobiographical note: full name, affiliation, e-mail address, full international contact details and brief professional biography.
  • Abstract: 100-150 words.
  • Include 10-15 keywords or phrases that describe your paper for indexing purposes.
  • References cited in the text: examples: Hamel (2000) suggests... Nonaka and Takeuchi (1995a) found that... A study of economic change (Nelson and Winter, 1982) has shown that... Three authors: (Carlsen, Getz, and Soutar, 2001). Four or more authors: (Dwyer et al., 2000). Groups of references should be listed first alphabetically and then chronologically: (Crompton, 1979; 1999; Fakeye and Crompton, 1991; Gunn,1988). Quoted material: (Pearce, 1989, p.22).
  • Journal Articles: Baloglu, S. and Brinberg, D. (1997) ‘Affective images of tourism destinations’, Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 35, No. 4, pp.11–15.
  • Books: Bryman, A. and Cramer, D. (1997) Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS for Windows, London: Routledge.
  • Book Chapters: Moscovici, S. (1981) ‘On social representations’, In: Forgas, J.P. (ed.), Social Cognition, (pp.181–209), London: Academic Press.
  • Edited Books: Smith, V. and Brent, M., eds., (2001) Hosts and Guests Revisited: Tourism Issues of the 21st Century. New York: Congizant.
  • Conference Papers: Vaughan, R., Andriotis, K. and Wilkes, K. (2000) ‘Characteristics of tourism employment: The case of Crete’. Paper Presented at the 7th ATLAS International Conference. NorthSouth: Contrasts and Connections in Global Tourism. June 18-21, 2000. Savonlinna, Finland.
  • Thesis: Godfrey, K.B. (1993) Tourism and Sustainable Development: Towards a Sustainable Framework. PhD thesis. Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • Internet: WTTC (2000). World Travel & Tourism Council Key Statistics. Obtained through the Internet:, [accessed 15/1/2000].