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CRR Conference 2014

Papers 2012

12 September 2012

Time Room Sessions
14:30h-18:00h "Salle du Conseil"
1st floor
Executive Centre
PhD Workshop
19:00h-22:00h "Plaza Chartrons"
15 Rue Rode
Dinner for PhD Workshop participants

13 September 2012

Time Room Sessions
8:30h-9:00h Entrance Executive Centre Registration
9:00-9:30h Room 700 Opening session
9.30h - 10.30h   Parallel Paper Session 1
  Room A Session 1A: CSR Practices
Tytti Nahi: The practices of co-creating sanitation in India [172 KB]
Lauren McCarthy: Gender and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Value Chain: Three Perspectives [244 KB]
  Room B Session 1B: Stakeholders
Henning Madsen: Corporate Environmental Management: Own Impact, Stakeholder Influence and Managerial Responses [491 KB]
Linda O’Riordan and Jenny Fairbrass: CSR Stakeholder Engagement in the Pharmaceutical Industry [224 KB]
  Room C Session 1C: Leadership
Tarja Ketola: Responsible leadership model: Fulfilling potential within the limits
Beatriz Junquera, Jesus del Brio and Esteban Fernandez: How can a Business Improve Simultaneously its Innovative Capability, Efficiency and Environmental Performance? The Leadership Way [365 KB]
10.30h - 11.00h   Coffee Break
11.00h - 12.30h   Parallel Paper Sesion 2
  Room A Session 2A: CSR and SMEs
Alastair Allen: The Drivers behind SMEs accepting free environmental advice: an East Midlands (UK) perspective using interpretivist research
Matthew Johnson: The Awareness and Application of Sustainability Management Tools in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises [165 KB]
Sarah Williams, Anja Schaefer and Richard Blundel: Understanding the Role of Values in the Framing and Re-Framing of Environmental Sustainability for SME Managers [322 KB]
  Room B Session 2B: Evolutionary Approaches
Winston Jerónimo and Sara Duarte: ‘A Virtuous Circle’ of Corporate Sustainability: Other way to look at the business [327 KB]
Marta Ormazabal: Explaining the evolution of companies' environmental management through maturity states
Barbara Krumay: Is this the way to sustainability? Project-oriented CSR as a first step towards CSR maturity of companies [496 KB]
  Room C Session 2C: Strategic Management
Pasi Heikkurinen: Strategic corporate responsibility: A review of theories [398 KB]
Marta Pinzone, Emmanuele Lettieri and Cristina Masella: Sustainability Strategies: Trends in the Italian Healthcare sector
Friederike Neugebauer, Frank Figge and Tobias Hahn: Emerging sustainability? Exploring the formation of corporate sustainability strategies
12.30h - 14.00h   Lunch break
14.00h - 15.30h   Parallel Paper Session 3
  Room A Session 3A: Social Sustainability
Arjen van Rheede and Rob Blomme: Limited attention to social sustainability in CSR practices in the hospitality industry: Searching for a new theoretical perspective [191 KB] Rupert Baumgartner and Karin Adelmann-Himmelreich: Social sustainable development – a relevant factor for the automotive industry?
Ning Li, Sami Berghäll and Anne Toppinen: Using SA8000 criteria as a tool to understand employee sentiments toward corporate responsibility: A case of Chinese manufacturing SMEs
  Room B Session 3B: Large-Scale Vision
Céline Berrier-Lucas and Alexandre Rambaud: Ontological approach of corporate sustainability: Proposal for a shift [1,514 KB]
Peter Neergard and Louise Rosenmeier: Exploring the effect of The Ruggie framework for human rights
Sarah Singleton: From Monologue to Dialogue: Mapping Dialogical Traditions within Co-Creation and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? [373 KB]
  Room C Session 3C: CSR in Different Industry Contexts
Magali Delmas and Olivier Gergaud: The drivers of corporate sustainability: a comparison of the French and California Wine Industries
Breeda Comyns: Media, legitimacy and the quantity of climate change reporting by companies in the oil and gas industry [708 KB]
Robert Kudłak and André Martinuzzi: Exploring social, environmental and economic impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility in the construction sector
15.30h-16.00h   Coffee Break
16.00h-17.30h   Parallel Paper Session 4
  Room A Session 4A: Climate Change
Lotta Aho: Global Giants and Climate Change: How do world's largest companies respond to the challenge [310 KB]
Anna Heikkinen: Framing Climate Change in Business Organisations: Empirical Findings from Finland [206 KB]
Calbert Douglas: Climate change and corporate disclosure
  Room B Session 4B: Education, Training & Employees
Elizabeth Franklin-Johnson and Katia Richomme-Huet: The Health & Wellbeing of Charity Employees – Who cares for the caretakers?
Fanny Salignac and Les Hems: Social Return on Education and Training: A Framework for Investing in Capacity Building in the Not For Profit Sector
Gurram Gopal: Integrating Sustainability Concepts into the Undergraduate Business Curriculum
19.00h-23.00h "Domaine de Raba"
35 Rue Rémi Belleau
This is in walking distance from the conference site.
Drinks and conference dinner

14 September 2012

Time Room Sessions
9.00h-10.30h   Parallel Paper Session 5
  Room A Session 5A: Socially Responsible Investment
Som Sekhar Bhattacharyya, Anju Singh and Mayuri Naik: Exploring the factors influencing the Corporate Social Responsibility ratings of Indian organizations [117 KB]
Ralf Barkemeyer: Operationalizing Socially Responsible Investment: A Non-financial Fiduciary Duty Problem
Eduardo Ortas, José M. Moneva and Roger Burritt: Return and Risk in Socially Responsible Investment in the Asia Pacific
  Room B Session 5B: CSR Implementation
Marja Turunen: Leading Sustainable Strategies - Towards Collective Intelligence in Organizations [444 KB]
Diego Pérez-López and Ana Moreno-Romero: Exploring the relationship between Sustainability Reporting and Corporate Social Responsibility implementation [469 KB]
Marie-Hélène Bihr and Alexandros Dimitriadis: CSR in Small and Mid Caps: A different approach? [92 KB]
  Room C Session 5C: Cause-Related Marketing
Jeannette Klink, Nina Langen and Monika Hartmann: Intended purchase decisions of Cause-related Marketing products – an application of the Theory of Reasoned Action [415 KB]
Carrie Sze and Edmund Horan: Using Social Media to Promote Sustainability Causes – Developing and Evaluating a Social Media Campaign [565 KB]
Dilani Janßen, Nina Langen and Monika Hartmann: The Role of Information in a Cause-Related Marketing Campaign [427 KB]
10.30h-11.00h   Coffee Break
11.00h-12.30h   Parallel Paper Session 6
  Room A Session 6A: Innovation
Ulrike Gelbmann and Sabrina Engert: Developing the Idea of a National (CSR) Innovation System
Juan Felipe Reyes-Rodriguez: Adoption of environmental strategies and the development of IS/IT capabilities: an empirical approach focused on Colombian firms [604 KB]
Faye McAnulla: Standardized Environmental Management Systems as Drivers of and Barriers to Innovation
  Room B Session 6B: Measuring CSR Performance
Som Sekhar Bhattacharyya, Anju Singh and Mayuri Naik: Measuring the Corporate Social Responsibility performance of Indian business organizations on the dimensions of Contributing and Manifestation factors [403 KB]
Marina Vashchenko: CSR reports: enough to build an opinion? [365 KB]
Frank Figge and Tobias Hahn: Sustainable Value Drivers and Strategies
  Room C Session 6C: Supply Chain Management and Life Cycle Impacts
Sadaat Ali Yawar and Stefan Seuring: CSR in supply chains: Debates, Challenges and Opportunities through a Literature review
Niall Dunphy and Aveen Henry: Exploration and Communication of Lifecycle Carbon Implications of Building Energy Retrofits
12.30h-14.00h   Lunch Break
14.30h-18.00h   Excursion (optional)