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Name(s) Title
Altenburger, Reinhard The Influence of Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility Strategies on Product and Service Innovation [46 KB]
Anastasiadis, Maria ECO-WISEs - a vehicle of sustainable development and regional innovation [99 KB]
Arnold, Marlen Responsibilities of the water-supply and distribution companies [184 KB]
Brudermann, Thomas
Reinsberger, Kathrin
Orthofer, Anita
Posch, Alfred
Regional institutional arrangements for renewable energy use [186 KB]
Bulut, Diren CSR and Service Quality Perceptions in Airline Business and Effects on the Customer Satisfaction [230 KB]
Bustamante, Silke
Brenninger, Klaus
CSR and its Potential Role in Employer Branding An Analysis of Preferences of German Graduates [108 KB]
Comyns, Breeda
Figge, Frank
A Longitudinal study of GHG reporting quality in the oil and gas industry: An analysis using the typology of "Search , "Experience and "Credence information [412 KB]
Dal-Bianco, Elisabeth Quantifying Sustainability - Integration of ISO 26000 in the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard [14 KB]
De los Reyes, Gastón
Scholz, Markus
Creating Legitimacy and Shared Value with SWONT [69 KB]
Douglas, Calbert H. CSR in context of GHG management cycle and accounting disclosures [155 KB]
Engert, Sabrina
Baumgartner, Rupert J.
Sustainable Strategic Management (SSM) – Literature Review and Conceptual Framework [72 KB]
Eteokleous, Pantelitsa Antecedents and Outcomes of Socially Responsible Supply Chains
Fritz, Morgane
Baumgartner, Rupert
Reporting and exchange of social sustainability data along the supply chain of the electronics industry: Status quo, influencing factors and proposition of a framework [198 KB]
Gelbmann, Ulrike Management Resilience & Resilience Management - Four basic questions [457 KB]
Gerholz, Karl-Heinz
Heinemann, Stefan
CSR - A new challenge for universities? An empirical case study on CSR activities of universities [60 KB]
Gorenak, Štefka Stakeholder Engagement in pharmaceutical industry [211 KB]
Grewatsch, Sylvia
Rohrbeck, René
Madsen, Henning
Strategic Corporate Sustainability - Towards an Integrated Strategy Typology [352 KB]
Gupfinger, Henriette
Aspalter, Katharina Gerlinde
Future Lab: Sustainable Consumption [69 KB]
Heikkurinen, Pasi
Mäkinen, Jukka
Responsibility of the corporation: Avoiding the pitfalls while fostering the potential in organizations and societies [60 KB]
Joensuu, Kristiina
Koskela, Marileena
Onkila, Tiina
How environmental NGO"s are addressed in sustainability reporting? [174 KB]
Jonker, Jan
O'Riordan, Linda
Marsh, Nina
Organising as the Art of Balancing Values [375 KB]
Jonker, Jan
Rauter, Romana
Baumgartner, Rupert J.
Living Apart Together? Business Models and Multiple Value Creation [318 KB]
Karner, Katrin
Jakubowicz, Dan
Busswald, Petra
Futuro as a monetary methodology for sustainability assessment based on the origin of components [157 KB]
Ketola, Tarja Metamorphosis from illusory, irrational, man-made economics to real, rational, innate socio-ecologics [80 KB]
Kjaer, Sabine
Reisinger, Harald
Bußwald, Petra
Niederl, Franz
Improving company`s CSR reporting practices [183 KB]
Knab, Sebastian Advancing Sustainability-Oriented Innovation: Towards a Capability Model for Stakeholder Engagement [210 KB]
Koep, Lisa
O'Driscoll, Aidan
A Model for Integrating Management and Communications Theory in Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility Research [79 KB]
Lienart, Sophie
Castiaux, Annick
Socio-technical Transitions toEnvironmental Sustainability:A 3D Perspective at Organizational Level [316 KB]
Lütke-Spatz, Lara Towards Sustainability Leadership at Higher Education Institutions – The Case of Munich University of Applied Sciences [115 KB]
Madsen, Henning
Ulhøi, John P.
Do corporate environmental initiatives lead to results in SMEs? [10 KB]
Marko, Wolfgang A.Granda, Juan A.Vorbach, Stefan Energiewende Utilities" New Business Models for Distributed Renewable Energy Generation [310 KB]
Meyer, Jonas Gone away – educated – came back? Rural regions as attractive residences for high qualified people [123 KB]
Miller, Van V. Resource Allocation Decisions and Social Responsibility: The 2011 Las Conchas Wildfire [81 KB]
Müller, Henrike
Theuvsen, Ludwig
Corporate Social Responsibility in the German Poultry Sector: Analyzing Public Preferences with Adaptive Conjoint Analysis [139 KB]
Onkila, Tiina "SWITCH THE LIGHTS OFF - Employee argumentation on acceptance or rejection of corporate environmentalism in a financial corporation [283 KB]
Paredes-Gázquez, Juan Diego
Rodríguez Fernández, José Miguel
de la Cuesta González, Marta
Social performance of the electric utilities industry in the world: an exploration through a composite indicator [92 KB]
Paulesich, Reinhard Regional Resilience and the Role of SMEs [66 KB]
Pérez-López, Diego Moreno-Romero, Ana Barkemeyer, Ralf Exploring the Link between Sustainability Reporting and Sustainability Management: - A Conceptual Framework [185 KB]
Peyer, Mathias
Buerke, Anja
Seegebarth, Barbara
Balderjahn, Ingo
Kirchgeorg, Manfred
Wiedmann, Klaus-Peter
Development of a Measurement Model for Consciousness for Sustainable Consumption [323 KB]
Pieper, Thomas
Arnold, Marlen
Responsible Sustainable Leadership in the German Water Sector [189 KB]
Pilaj, Herwig Sustainable and Responsible Investment - Making the number of options grow? [524 KB]
Posch, Alfred
Brudermann, Thomas
Braschel, Nina
Coping Strategies for reducing the vulnerability to energy market disturbances – the case of the Austrian paper and pulp industry. [112 KB]
Probert, Jane
Koenig-Lewis, Nicole
Stacey, Kate
Zhao, Anita
Xuan, Yunqing
Sustainable water consumption: the role of consumer behaviour in (re)shaping water utility industry business models [94 KB]
Raith, Dirk
Ungericht, Bernhard
The politics of CSR. A post-democratic advance [105 KB]
Richard, Jacques
Rambaud, Alexandre
The „Triple Depreciation Line“ against the „Triple Bottom Line“: towards a genuine integrated reporting [213 KB]
Richardson, Neil An investigation of Hove festival’s consumers’ attitudes towards sustainable practices [70 KB]
Rodgers, C. Design Thinking for Paradigm Shifts: Moving Closer to Sustainable Business [721 KB]
Russon, Jo-Anna Reviewing the relationship between multinationals, home country governments and the distant poor [420 KB]
Schulz, Deike Constructing organizational legitimacy: Investigating the influence of mass self-communication [168 KB]
Seebacher, Ulrike
Busswald, Petra
Brunnhofer, Nadin
Employee Engagement Concepts and Experiences [317 KB]
Sporer, Silvia Effectiveness Research of the Leadership-Trainings of a Leading Austrian Home-Centre Chain Based on Natural Horsemanship A Best Practice Sample of Responsible Leadership [164 KB]
Tejedor-Núñez, J.
Fernández-Ferrín, P.
Peña-Cerezo, M.A.
García-Alonso, O.
Etxano, I.
Pérez de Mendiguren-Castresana, J.C.
Relevance and Development of the "Business Sustainable Management Competence in Vitoria-Gasteiz Business Management and Administration Degree [184 KB]
Tejedor-Núnez, Jorge
Ortas, Eduardo
, I. Alvarez
Environmental and financial performance. Are they related? A meta-analytical approach [81 KB]
Tuppura, Anni Corporate responsibility and theinformation asymmetry betweenthe producer and consumer [184 KB]
Ulvila, Kukka-Maaria Advertising for Sustainability Promoting Sustainably Produced Food to Finnish Consumers [135 KB]
van Rheede, Arjan
Blomme, Rob J.
How to successfully implement sustainability in an organization: a Review of the literature [330 KB]
Vashchenko, Marina Organizational CSR portfolio: Exploration and Evaluation [166 KB]
Virtanen, Aino
Toppinen, Anne
Mayer, Audrey L.
CSR and competitive advantage through an ISO 26000 lens: comparison between forest industry in North America and Europe [83 KB]
Walker, Thomas The Integrative Management Approach of CSRSubtitle: “How to reduce the relevant inconsistence between management and human behaviour” [50 KB]
Weatherill, G.G. An Exploration of Leadership and Sustainable Development within UK Further Education Colleges [190 KB]
Wolf, Angelika Drivers of climate friendly food consumption: comparing the purchase of domestic, organic and meat products [182 KB]
Young, William
Barkemeyer, Ralf
Babbs, Laura
The role of retailers in influencing the pro-environmental behaviour of customers on household food waste [160 KB]