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Barkemeyer, R.
Beyond Compliance - Below Expectations? Cross-Border CSR, Development and the UN Global Compact
St Andrews University, UK

Barter, N.
Companies that Swim Against the Tide?
University of St. Andrews, UK

Bhattacharyya, S.S. & A. Sahay
Development of a CSR-Strategy-Framework
Management Development Institute, India

Blankenship, H., V. Kulhavý, J. Lagneryd
Introducing Strategic Sustainable Development in a business incubator
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Blowfield, M., W. Visser & F. Livesey
Innovation for Sustainability: Mapping the Territory
University of Cambridge, UK



Chok, S.
Playing Detective-Researcher: The challenges of researching CSR in the tourism and hospitality industry
Murdoch University, Australia


Daley, B., J. Maughan & P. Hooper
Vantage phase 1 – the use of KPI’S at Belfast city airport
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Dick-Forde, D. & S. Roberts
At the Vanguard of CR in the Caribbean? A Case Study of Corporate Responsibility at the Almond Beach Resorts
The University of the West Indies, West Indies

Douglas, C.H., W.K. Lau, A. Rhumah, & A. Clark
Sustainable environmental management and corporate social responsibility in the construction and property industries
University of Salford, UK



Ebner, D.
Assessing Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR-Scan
University of Leoben, Austria

Evangelinos, I.K. & N. Fyllas
Towards and integrated view of the carbon fluxes. From the computation of CO2 sinks and sources to environmental education University of the Aegean – Mytilene University Hill
University of the Aegean, Greece


Fairbrass, J. & E. Beddewela
Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsiveness: A UK business response to national and international challenges
University of Bradford, UK

Figge, F.
The Sustainable Value Approach
Queens University, Belfast, UK



Gibbs, D.
The Role of Ecopreneurs in Developing a Sustainable Economy
University of Hull, UK

Girardi, G.
When socially responsible and opportunistic agents interact: credit and training provision to the poor by vertically linked NGOs and commercial banks
London Metropolitan University, UK

Gouldson, A.
Title TBC
University of Leeds, UK

Günther, E., H. Hoppe, G. Weber
Sustainable development and its integration in business decisions: The case of the procurement of operating-room textiles in German public hospitals
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany



Haberberg, A., J. Gander, A. Rieple, J. Martin, C. Helm & F. Mulleady
Patterns in the adoption of corporate social responsibility practices
University of Westminster, UK

Hilliard, R.1 & F. Stafford2
Under the Influence: Stakeholders, Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Drinks Industry
1NUI Galway, 2Accenture, Ireland

Ho, J.K.S.
Convergence between shareholder and stakeholder values
University of Dundee, UK

Hofferberth, M.
Norms and multinational corporations – Ideational motivation for CSR initiatives?
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany

Hoppe, H.
The business value of the environmental performance of firms. More than 30 years of research – So what?
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany



Jallow, K.
CSR and poverty alleviation: Nestle’s ‘Commitment to Africa’ report
De Montfort University, UK

Jamali, D. & M. Rabbath
Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility synergies and inter-relationships
American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Jeswani, H.K. W. Wehrmeyer & Y. Mulugetta
Key factors shaping corporate climate change strategies: A study in Pakistan and the UK
University of Surrey, UK

Jorna, R. & L. Maruster
Entrepreneurship and the Sustainability of Knowledge
University of Groningen, The Netherlands


Lorand, J.
Business-as-Usual and Sustainability: Which Paradigm Aligns with our Beliefs?
Dominican University of California, USA



Matolay, R.
Entrepreneurship Towards Sustainability? – Comparing Social Entrepreneurship with Socially Responsible SMEs in Hungary
Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

Mikkilä, M.1 & A. Toppinen2
Institutional pressure towards corporate responsibility: a comparison of sustainability reporting in the world’s largest pulp and paper companies
1University of Joensuu, 2European Forest Institute, Finland


O’Neill, D.
Making Sustainable Entrepreneurship Culturally Compatible
Arizona State University, USA



Parrish, B.
Sustainability Entrepreneurship: Innovations in the Logics of Organizing
University of Leeds, UK

Pinkse, J. & A. Kolk
Multinational corporations and emissions trading: strategic responses to new institutional constraints
University of Amsterdam Business School, The Netherlands



Sabbaghian, Z.1, M.A. Daryani2, M. Azizi1
Development of sustainable entrepreneurship programmes in education systems
1Shahid Beheshti University, 2Tehran University, Iran

Sarasini, S. & M. Jacob
Climate, Companies and Context; the Prospects for Policy to Inspire Sustainable Business Strategies
Lund University, Sweden

Schlange, L.E.
Stakeholder Perception in Sustainable Entrepreneurship: The Role of Managerial and Organizational Cognition
University of Applied Sciences, Chur, Switzerland

Singleton, D.
Sustainable entrepreneurship: putting 'the precautionary principle' into practice
Arup, UK

Stokes, D., A. Revell, & H. Chen
SMEs and the Environment: turning over a new leaf?
Kingston University, UK

Sullivan, R.
Title TBC
Insight Investment, UK

Sun, W.1, C. Smallman2 & S. Letza3
The Process of Governance for Sustainability
1Leeds Metropolitian University (UK), 2Lincoln University (NZ), 3Liverpool John Moores University (UK)



Tanimoto, K.
The Emergence of Social Entrepreneurship and its Strategy in Japan
Hitotsubashi University, Japan

Thauer, C.
A Trigger for Change? Explaining the Behaviour of Companies in CSR-PPPs
European University Institute, Italy

Tilley, F.
Conceptualising Sustainability Entrepreneurship
University of Leeds, UK


Van Alstine, J.
Governance from below: contesting corporate environmentalism in Durban, South Africa
London School of Economics, UK

Venselaar, J. & J.J. Hageman
Focussing Innovation Strategy for Sustainability with the Chemical Industry as an example
Avans University, The Netherlands



Wolk, R.
Alaskan Eco-entrepreneurs: The Role of Knowledge, Technology, and International Networks
University of Alaska Southeast, USA


Zorzi, E.
The company social responsibility in the neo-republicanism approaching
University of Versailles, France


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