Travel & Accommodation


1. How to get to Seville
San Pablo airport is 9km north-east of Seville. For more information see the airport page (
To get from the airport to the city, you can take a taxi, which will cost you about € 25.
There is also a cheaper option the EA airport bus leaves every 15 to 30 minutes from 05:20am to 00.45 am, and takes 20-30 minutes to the city. It costs € 4 (Timetable and bus stops).
2. How to get to Seville from Madrid
The best way to get from Madrid to Seville is the high-speed AVE train service which connects these two cities in two hours and a half (Timetable and on-line tickets).
3. How to get to Seville from Málaga.
The best way to get from Málaga to Seville is the train service which connects these two cities (Timetable and on-line tickets).
4. Public transport and taxi
Seville can be easily explored on foot. There are also an excellent bus, tram and subway services as well as taxis which will take you conveniently around the city.
Stops near to the Conference Venue:
Bus lines: C1, C2, 22, 25, 26, 28, 38 and 52.
Subway: L1.
Tram: T1.
Taxi phone numbers: + 34 954 58 00 00 – + 34 954 57 11 11 – + 34 954 62 22 22 – + 34 954 67 55 55.
5. Accommodation
There are two main possibilities:
A)   Budget accommodation: Residence halls and others

Residencia Universitaria Rector Estanislao del Campo *
* In case you choose this option, please complete this form and submit it to
B) Hotels
Ayre Hotel Sevilla
Hotel Alcázar
Hotel Ribera de Triana
Hotel Sevilla Center
Hotel Virgen de los Reyes
Novotel Sevilla Marqués del Nervión
September 2017 is going to be a very busy period in Seville. Several events are scheduled to take place at the same time as the CRR Conference (one of them with more than 5,000 participants).

So, please, book with enough time in advance.