Call for Abstracts

20th Corporate Responsibility Research Conference
Theme: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Holistic and Issue-specific Approaches

Hosted by the Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds (UK),
in association with
KEDGE Business School (France)
and ESCP Business School (France)
04–06 September 2024
(PhD workshop on afternoon of 04 September)
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The theme of the conference, “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Holistic and Issue-specific approaches” invites participants to explore how CSR can advance through both broad and narrow contributions.CSR has been so widely adopted by corporations that we risk losing the focus on what CSR can achieve and how to design CSR activities so that they are effective and significantly impactful. Research has established that businesses can use CSR activities and reporting to improve their legitimacy and reputation and that CSR does, overall, contribute to the financial performance of corporations. However, faced with myriad interconnecting social and environmental issues, how does a business establish how broad, or how narrow and deep its approach to CSR might be? When is it appropriate to work across a sector, a supply chain or a geography to contribute to system change? When is deep, sustained attention to a specific material issue more appropriate?  What roles are there for non-corporate actors in co-designing such CSR activities? How can success of CSR be understood? Therefore, in this conference, we call for papers that investigate both how to design CSR approaches that work on a whole system, and how to identify and tackle single issues of social or environmental impact. Developing partnerships for action, meaningful stakeholder engagement, and co-production of activities are key topics within broad and narrow CSR programmes.

CRRC seeks theoretically informed and practically relevant papers on the challenges and opportunities that lie in holistic approaches, and sector-specific or issue-specific approaches. It welcomes contributions from different disciplines and fields of study, including literature on corporate responsibility, corporate sustainability, sustainable consumption, sustainable development, business and society, business ethics, ethical consumption, sustainable entrepreneurship, and organisation and the environment.

CRRC is ideal for testing new ideas and experimenting with new formats. Therefore, we welcome suggestions for special workshop streams and innovative ideas. The tradition of CRRC is to focus on participants and the debate, as well as on social activity. We aim to create an environment that is welcoming and friendly yet succeeds in challenging the existing knowledge base and assumptions, driving the debate around corporate responsibility.

We invite submissions addressing the following sub-themes and to the open call:
Sub-theme 1: Stakeholder Engagement and Communication for CSR
Chairs: Dr Laura Smith, University of Leeds and Dr Effie Papargyropoulou, University of Leeds
Sub-theme 2: International CSR
Chair: Prof Lutz Preuss, KEDGE Business School
Sub-theme 3: Social Sustainability and Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives for CSR
Chairs: Professor Anne Tallontire, University of Leeds and Professor Hugh Lee, KEDGE Business School
Sub-theme 4: Place-Specific and Place-Based Approaches to CSR
Chairs: Dr Rory Padfield, University of Leeds and Dr Alexandra Dales, York St John
Sub-theme 5: Business and biodiversity in sustainable change
Chairs: Professor Johanna Kujala, Tampere University and Dr Annika Blomberg, Tampere University
Sub-theme 6: Supply Chains and Circular Economy for CSR
Chairs: Dr Rosario Michel Villareal, University of Leeds and Dr Paul Jensen, University of Leeds
Sub-theme 7: CSR and Sustainability for SMEs
Chairs: Prof Richard Bull, Nottingham Trent University and Dr Ana Rita Domingues, University of Leeds
Sub-theme 8: Management and the Anthropocene
Chairs: Professor Pasi Heikkurinen, LUT University and Dr Ashly Pinnington, University of Nottingham
Sub-theme 9: Consumer Behaviour on Sustainability Issues
Chairs: Prof William Young, University of Leeds and Dr Andrea Taylor, University of Leeds
Sub-theme 10: Climate Change and CSR
Chairs: Dr Breeda Comyns, KEDGE Business School and Prof Frank Figge, ESCP Business School
Sub-theme 11: The Social Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility
Chairs: Prof Ralf Barkemeyer, KEDGE Business School and Dr Robert Kudlak, Adam Mickiewicz University Posnan
Sub-theme 12: Sustainability, Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
Chairs: Prof Sally Russell, University of Leeds and Dr Tiina Onkila, Jyväskylä University
Sub-theme 13: Innovation and CSR
Chairs: Dr Horacio Gonzalez, Glasgow Caledonian and Professor Alice Owen, University of Leeds
Sub-theme 14: Open call for papers and sub-themes on Corporate Responsibility, CSR and Sustainability

Initial abstracts should be emailed to by 16 May 2024. Files should be sent in MS Word format, and the file name should be first author’s surname. Please include names, affiliations and contact details of all authors. Please use a maximum of 500 words, answering the following questions:

  • Research Question: What is the research question that the submission aims to answer?
  • Theoretical Framework: What are the main concepts, models or theories used in the paper? Include 3-4 central references.
  • Method: Which method is used for the research work?
  • Findings: What are the main outcomes and results of the paper?
  • Which sub-theme is your paper aimed at or is it for the open call?
  • Up to 6 keywords

Abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the scientific committee of the conference. Authors will be notified of acceptance by late May 2024.


The conference papers of a maximum of 6,000 words including references should be emailed to no later than 15th August 2024. Please note that papers will not be accepted or appear in the programme unless speaker(s) have registered in full for the conference.

Our popular pre-conference PhD Workshop will be held on the afternoon of 04 September. It will appeal to first-time attendees as well as those who have attended throughout their PhD career. This annual workshop provides a relaxed environment to allow lively exchange and discussion between PhD students as well as the opportunity to gain helpful advice and feedback from a panel of experienced PhD supervisors in the field. We have expanded the PhD workshop last year and we want to continue talking about postdoctoral opportunities and we will of course cover needs of PhD students throughout their studies.
The scientific committee of the conference will review all papers presented and award two prizes for the CRRC best overall paper and the CRRC best PhD paper at the conference dinner. Criteria for the selection process are contribution to the research field, quality of the research, innovativeness, and diversity of views.


February 2024 Call for abstracts opens
16 May 2024 Deadline for abstract submissions
31 May 2024 Notification of accepted abstracts
Conference registration opens
19 July 2024 Deadline registration
15 August 2024 Deadline for full papers
04 September 2024 Pre-Conference PhD Workshop
05/06 September 2024 Corporate Responsibility Research Conference
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