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Corporate Responsibility Research Conference 2020
'Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Does it Make a Difference?'
02-04 September 2020
Homerton College, University of Cambridge (UK)
Dear colleagues,
We hope you are all doing well! We, just like everyone else, have been on a steep learning curve in recent weeks with regard to online learning and teaching, social distancing and interpreting various COVID-19-related indicators. We also needed to take a decision on the Corporate Responsibility Research Conference. After a series of discussions, we are sorry to inform you that we have to cancel this year’s CRRC at Homerton College, Cambridge University. The current COVID-19 situation with its health implications as well as travel bans, closed borders and high level of insecurity regarding the next few months make it impossible for us to host the conference in early September 2020.
After this rather depressing piece of information, please let us also share some much, much more positive news:
  1. CRRC 2021 will take place in Tel Aviv in October 2021, hosted by the Open University Israel! More information will be provided on our conference website later this year.
  2. We will use this “gap year” to organise 1-2 shorter (and free-of-charge) online workshops – more information on these events will also be provided shortly on our conference website and through our CRRC LinkedIn group.
  3. CRRC will definitely take place at Homerton College, University of Cambridge (after CRRC 2021) – we are currently in the process of firming up exact dates and will keep you updated.
  4. We are still going ahead with the edited book titled “Exploring the societal and environmental impacts of corporate social responsibility” (Routledge, Taylor & Francis) that would have been associated with CRRC 2020 – the deadline for abstract submissions is 30 June 2020.
With best wishes from France, the UK and Israel – and hoping to see you in good shape at some point in the near future, at the latest in Tel Aviv in 2021!


If you have any suggestions or questions in relation to the conference, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can be reached on info@crrconference.org. If you would like to be kept updated on CRRC developments, please join our LinkedIn group.

For information on CRRC 2019, which took place at Tampere University, please click here.


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