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- a -

A Comparative Analysis Between Islamic Concept On Corporate Social Responsibility And Malaysia Managers Opinion
(T. Bin Hossain & C. Siwar)

Accounting for climate change: CSR mechanism or CSR appropriation?
(K. Jallow)

Achieving CSR through Stakeholder Management: An Empirical Investigation
(S. Hazlett & L. McKee)

An Investigation into the Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility Report in Mainland China
(Y. Du)

Are not Multinationals also Community Actors? Challenging the Notion of a Small versus Large Firm Corporate Social Responsibility
(A. Blombäck & C. Wigren)

- c -

Carbon Credits for Energy Self Sufficiency in Rural India- A Case Study
(A. Humbad)

Case study research on sustainable supply chain management – What evidence has been found?
(S. Seuring, S. Gold, P. Beske, J. Schreiber & R. Morana)

Chevron and Environmental Education for Sustainability of Participatory Garbage Management : The case of Twelve Alliance Schools in Southern Thailand
(J. Kittitornkool)

Choice of a Strategy Tool for Eco-Efficiency
(I. Penttinen & T. Pohjola)

Corporate Citizenship and Environmental Sustainability in the Russian Federation
(P. Rodgers & J. Crotty)

Corporate Responsibility and Product Recalls: The Mattel Case
(S. New & D. Brown)

Corporate Responsibility for Individual, Cultural and Biodiversity
(T. Ketola)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Cultural Capital: The Role of Culture in Enterprise Responsibility Behaviour
(P.L. Sacco, G. Ferilli& S. Pedrini)

Corporate Social Responsibility in Culture and Art
(D. Bulut & C. Bulut)

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in Turkey: A Content Analysis
(C.A. Yüksel, D. Bulut & V.L. Tüzüner)

Critical Determinants of Green Supply Chain Management Practices
(D. Holt)

Critical reflections on management basics: challenges and implications for corporate responsibility and sustainability research
(K. Fahy)

CSR in Developing Countries? Diversity Should Not Mean Dumping
(E. Ndzibah & A. Maxwell)

- d -

Depositor’s Behavior and Economic Condition leading to Liquidity Risk Problem to Islamic Banking Industry (Indonesian Case : 2001 – 2007)
(R. Ismal)

'Describing developments in the European electricity sector' : Drivers for change - Corporate Social Responsibility
(D. Gluck)

Development of Incentives for Washington State’s Sustainable Business Program
(K. Goetz)

Disappearing divide between Corporate Governance and CSR
(M.K. Sharma & P. Agarwal)

Disrobing the Emperor: Mainstream CSR Research and Corporate Hegemony
(M.T. Jones)

Do criminogenic employment practices truly reflect a corporation’s responsibility for non-compliance?
(C. Ntsyanu-Nana)

Do investors pay for opposing the genocide in Darfur? No, they even make money!
(A. Hoepner, D. G. McMillan & G. W. Müller)

Does it Green to Pay?
(F. Figge & T. Hahn)

- e -

Energy production from biogas: Analyzing the management strategies of supply chain actors
(S. Gold & S. Seuring)

Exploration of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in multinational companies within the food industry
(P. Rana, J. Platts & M. Gregory)

Exploring production-theoretical insights for economic-ecological trade-off analysis
(J. van Meensel, L. Lauwers, G. Van Huylenbroeck & S. Van Passel)

- f -

From “Doing Green” to “Doing Good”. A consultancy perspective of mainstreaming sustainable development through continuous improvement
(K. Tschiggerl & J. Fresner)

- g -

German Ranking of Sustainability Reports: Results from a Comparison of Non-financial Reports of Large German Companies
(J. Gebauer& E. Hoffmann)

“Growing market whilst changing the lives.” Patting at the Bottom of the Pyramid beyond Business goals: An Empirical analysis on Project Shakti, Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
(J. Sathi)

- h -

How Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Develops in Africa: Anecdotal Evidence
(O. Mbare)

- i -

Immigrant worker’s induction training in Finland – Case Petmo project
(A.H. Mohammed)

Innovation induced by Corporate Responsibility practices: an exploratory study
(A. Castiaux)

Internet supported sustainability reporting. Empirical findings from the German DAX30
(C. Herzig)

Investment in the Global 100’s most likely sustainable corporations pays! A study at global, regional and industry level
(J. Ferguson, A. Hoepner & P.-S. Yu)

- l -

Lessons Learned from Washington State’s Sustainable Business Program
(K. Goetz)

- m -

Monetization of Environmental and Socio-Economic Externalities from Bioenergy
(I. Brose)

Media Representations of Business Ethics
(D. Holt, R. Barkemeyer, F. Figge & G. Napolitano)

- p -

Participative education in the area of iCSR (integrated Corporate Social Responsibility)
(A. Jovanovic, O. Renn & S. Kaliwe)

Policy and reality: Corporate social responsibility in the UK gambling industry
(J. Pratten & S. Walton)

Private Municipal Governance and the Company Town
(B. Studniberg)

Product differentiation when "quality is a matter of tastes": the case of corporate social responsibility with asymmetric information
(L. Becchetti, L. Giallonardo & M. E. Tessitore)

- q -

Quality assessment of sustainability reporting in Wind-energy Industry. The Spanish case
(J.M. Moneva Abadía, M.V. Sanagustín Fons & J.A. Moseñe Fierro)

- r -

Radicalism and Corporate Social Responsibility: unlikely partners?
(K. Jallow)

- s -

Small companies competing with “green” incumbents – incentives to refrain from CSR
(D. Tzavara)

Social and Environmental Reporting: How informative is the disclosure of Community Involvement Cost – Qualitative or Quantitative
(K. Yekinni)

Social Responsibility Guidelines & Sustainable Development: Integrating a Common Goal of a Sustainable Society
(N. Pegram, S. Goldsmith & A. Dewangga)

Sustainability and CSR in Austrian Waste Industry – An Empirical Survey
(U. Gelbmann)

Sustainability of Corporate Communications: A Framework for Performance Accounting
(W. Woodward)

Sustainable Development Management Systems in Global Business Organizations
(I.M. Sealy, W. Wehrmeyer, C. France & M. Leach)

Sustainable Net Present Value
(A. Liesen)

Sustainable Solutions for Metals Supply? An Analysis of MakeITfair’s Principles on the Mining Phase of the Electronic Companies’ Supply Chain
(S.B. Young, A. Fonseca & G. Dias)

- t -

The fetish of the “Social Responsibility”: the fallacy of the “new consciousness”
(M. Soares Silva)

The financial characteristics of socially responsible firms and their predictive power
(M.-H. Bihr)

The financial performance of screened responsible investment funds and indexes – Preliminary evidence from the first Meta-Regression-Analysis (MRA) on this research issue
(A. Hoepner& D.G. McMillan)

The Impact of Regulation and Policy on Eco-Innovation – the need for a new understanding
(A. Leitner, W. Wehrmeyer & C. France)

The Performance of Socially Responsible Investing
(S.R. Hume & A. Larkin)

The UN Global Compact: Towards a Critical Mass or a Critical State?
(R. Barkemeyer & G. Napolitano)

The Value for Service Industry Firms of Environmental Initiatives
(S.R. Hume & L. Gallagher)

Time-driven activity-based costing for supporting sustainability decisions in pig production
(K. Bryon, P. Everaert, L. Lauwers & J. van Meensel)

To investigate Leeds retail stakeholders’ perceptions of a proposed sustainable retail marketing benchmarking model
(N. Richardson)

- w -

What the Papers Say: Trends in Sustainability – A Comparative Analysis of 112 Leading National Newspapers Worldwide
(R. Barkemeyer, F. Figge, T. Hahn & D. Holt)

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