Papers in alphabetical order

Atkinson Caroline and Taplin Ros
The Use of Guidelines in Australian Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Bailey Ian
‘Voluntary’ environmental agreements and climate policy: learning by comparison
Barkemeyer Ralf
CSR in Developing Countries from the Perspective of Organisational Legitimacy
Brammer Stephen J. and Pavelin Stephen
The effect of organisational and establishment-level characteristics on workplace health and safety in the UK
Bretschger Lucas and Pittel Karen Corporate Responsibility of Pension Funds: Implications for Natural Resource Use and Sustainable Development
Broniewicz Elzbieta
Application of environmental protection expenditure account
Cappato Alice and Vittorio Pennazio
Corporate Social Responsibility in Sport: Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games
Cecilio Teresa and Ramos Tomas B. Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Measurement and Reporting Practices in Portugal
Chatterji Madhumita
Corporate Social Responsibility in Practice - An Audit
Consolandi C., Nascenzi P. and Jaiswal-Dale A.
Ethical Stock Indexes: Does Sustainability Pay Off?
Consolandi C., Nascenzi P. and Jaiswal-Dale A.
Ownership Concentration and Corporate Social Performance: an EmpiricalEvidence for European Firms
Monteiro de Barros Margarida and Dewberry Emma
Inside out: The importance of organisational human capital in fostering new directions for corporate responsibility
Doherty Bob and Taplin Louise “Combining consumer education and global citizenship education in developing consumer citizenship in young people: a case study of the Papapaa fair trade teaching initiative and the Dubble Fairtrade chocolate bar”
Doherty Bob and Tranchell Sophi
‘Radical mainstreaming’ of fair trade: the case of The Day Chocolate Company
Ebner Daniela and Baumgartner Rupert J.
The relationship between Sustainable Development and CorporateSocial Responsibility
Egerer Matthias and Zimmer Markus Does global change matter? – The case of industries in the Upper Danube catchment area
Ejdis Joanna
Sustainable Development Reporting as Sources of Knowledge in Polish Enterprises
Factor Aharon and Harris Steve
Preparing for Sustainable Growth – An SME Metamorphosis
Fahy Kathryn Why respond to environmental sustainability agendas? Pressures and organisational playing fields in the food manufacturing sector
Figge Frank and Hahn Tobias
Sustainable Value of European Industry
Francken Mara Intersectoral partnerships for sustainable commodity chains: Developing an analytical perspective
Grob Suzanne Buying with the Environment in Mind - How Do Australian Organisations Shape Up?
Harris Steve, van Berkel Rene and Kurup Biji
Fostering Industrial Symbiosis for Regional Sustainable Development Outcomes

Haugland Smith Kristin and Nystad Øystein
Is the motivation for CSR profit or ethics?
Hediger Werner
Framing corporate social responsibility and contribution to sustainable development
Holton Ian, Glass Jacqui, Price Andrew, Clarke Martin, Bell Stuart and Watkins Miles
Identification and prioritisation of sustainability issues for the UK precast concrete industry
Howell Ros
Global Trade and Sustainable Development: Complementary or Contradictory?
Hussain Salman and Yamaguchi Madoka Environmental reporting protocols for the cosmetics industry: a comparative analysis of Japanese and UK on-line publications
Hussain Salman, Halpin Lauran and McVittie Alistair
The economic viability of Environmental Management Systems: an application of Analytical Hierarchy Process as a methodological tool to rank trade-offs
Huxtable L.A., Bunting G., Clement R.M. and Probert E.J.
Identifying strategies for efficient resource management by businesses in Wales
Jenkins Heledd and Obara Louise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the mining industry - the risk of community dependency
Keogh Amanda
Non-Financial Reporting Trends of Australian Power Generators
Ketola Tarja
The Third Eye: Corporate Responsibility in a Jungian Context
Ketola Tarja
A Model of Responsible M&As
Kloppers E.M. and Kloppers H.J.
HIV/Aids as part of CSR: Approaching the pandemic in a participatory manner
Kloppers H.J. and Kloppers E.M.
A path out of poverty: A South African perspective on the role of SMEs in CSR
Kræmer Trine Pipi and Holgaard Jette E. Different discourses associated with organic milk in Denmark
Kranz Nicole A transatlantic comparison on corporate responsibility: UN Global Compact networks in Germany and the US
Krozer Yoram and van Meerendonk Hilde Sustainable Innovations by Small and Medium Enterprises
Kyung An Hee, Amano Teruyoshi, Utsumi Hideki and Matsui Saburo
A framework for Green Supply Chain Management complying with RoHS directive
Langford Robert Environmental and other sustainability performance indicators – Some key features of recent UN, GRI and UK proposals and the assurance implications
Langford Robert
Sustainability: The Role of Accountants
Lazarevic Eva Vanista and Djukic Aleksandra
NGO Association for Urban Regeneration
Le Mire Suzanne The Great White Hope: The Independent Director as a Mechanism for Controlling Corporate Behaviour
Longmire Lindsey and Stanwick Sarah
The Impact of the Sarbanes Oxley Act in American Universities
Luckner Ernst and Gilge Astrid
New EU-directives force companies to improve environmental product responsibility
Malandrino Ornella and Proto Maria
Ecolabels: a sustainability performance in benchmarking?
Mark-Herbert Cecilia
What is the role for CSR in “Food for Life 2025”?
Matolay Réka Legitimacy Strategies. Agri-biotechnology Companies in Hungary
Mc Loone Annabel, Ryan Yvonne, O'Regan Bernadette and Moles Richard
An Environmental Performance Assessment and Ecological Footprint Analysis of SMEs in the Mid-West Region
Moneva Jose M. and Ortas Eduardo
Sustainability performance and value relevance: an analysis of listed European companies
O'Riordan Linda and Fairbrass Jenny
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Models and Theories in Stakeholder Dialogue
Pataki Györgi, Matolay Réka, Bororkós Barbara and Szántó Richárd What Does it Mean to Be a Socially Responsible Corporation? Exploring Executives' Views on CSR in Hungary
Patel Taran Making Sense of the Diversity of Ethical Strategies in Businesses: A Focus on the Indian Context
Paterson Catherine and Woodward David G. Corporate Disclosure Following Three Major 'UK' Transport Accidents: An Illustration of Legitimacy Theory
Pavelin Stephen and Porter Linda A.
The corporate social performance content of innovation in the UK
Pratten J.D. and Lovatt C.J.
None for the road: an attempt to identify the responsibility for ethical alcohol service
Rapp Nilsen Heidi Climate Change and the Petroleum Industry: Circulation Economics as a Value Chain for CO2
Ratcliffe John and O'Brien Gillian
The Future of CRB: The Sustainable Development Imperative
Reis Priscilla R.
Social Reporting - CR or PR?: The Unanswered Questions
Rodgers C. ‘We can’t run… but we can hide…’ environmental management as palliative rather than cure
Rogers Matama
Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Selected Commercial Banks in Uganda
Ruiz-Tagle Maria Teresa Patterns of Environmental Management in the Chilean Manufacturing Industry: An Empirical Approach
Ryan Yvonne, Mc Loone Annabel, O'Regan Bernadette, Moles Richard and Byrne Paul
Designing and Implementing an Eco-Industrial Network for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Mid-West Region of Ireland
Schaefer Anja and Kerrigan Finola
Negotiating Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Trade Associations
Schmidt Kirsten ISO26000 on Social Responsibility: Some Ideas and Preliminary Findings
Schmidt Kirsten Learning for Sustainable Development
Stanwick Peter A. and Stanwick Sarah D.
Does A Strong Ethical Commitment Create a Strategic Human Resource Competitive Advantage?
Stanwick Peter A.
Corporate Governance in the 21st Century: Do We Need Global Standards?
Stanwick Sarah D. and Stanwick Peter A. An Empirical Analysis of the Ethical Codes of the Top 100 Companies in the United Kingdom
Stigzelius Ingrid, Fredricsdotter Linda and Mark-Herbert Cecilia
Implementation of SA8000 in Indian Garment Manufacturing - a socio-economic assessment of the impacts on working conditions and business practices
Supino Stefania and Proto Maria
The CSR: a big challenge for small business
Testa Mario
Corporate Social Responsibility and Reputation Risk Analysis
Uribe Ricardo Victoria and Lofthouse Vicky
Across the pond: A comparison of the Mexican & British SMEs and their dealings with sustainability
Wen Shuangge Regulatory Stakeholder Consideration in UK’s Proposed Company Law Regime---Effects and Expectations
Wiedmann Thomas and Lenzen Manfred Sharing Responsibility along Supply Chains - A New Life-Cycle Approach and Software Tool for Triple-Bottom-Line Accounting

Zhao Jingchen Employees' Interests in the Knowledge Society: A Progressive Argument in Legal Perspective

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